Artist of the Year: STEPHANIE BLYTHE as Amneris

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Stephanie Blythe won Artist of the Year in 2008/09 for her performance as Amneris in “Aida.” Blythe has sung Fricka at each Seattle Opera production of “Der Ring des Nibelungen” since 2000. She also sings the Second Norn and Waltraute in Seattle’s “Ring,” as well as roles such as Carmen, the Italian Girl in Algiers, and Dame Quickly in “Falstaff.” In this conclusion to “Aida’s” penultimate scene, Amneris pleads with the implacable priests to spare her beloved Radames, who has committed treason. When they are intransigent, she curses them: “Empia razza, anatema su voi—la vendetta dal ciel scenderà!” (Impious race, anathema on you—may heaven’s vengeance descend upon you!) Riccardo Frizza conducts the orchestra of Seattle Opera.