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Stravinsky’s Visit to Seattle Opera

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Composer Igor Stravinsky From Dover

I was the doubting Thomas who argued that he [Glynn Ross] could not re-create Stravinsky’s L’Historie du Soldat, bringing the aging composer to Seattle, assembling most of the original cast, and having Saul Steinberg paint the backgrounds…

But everybody showed up.  Stravinsky was rickety but accounted for.  The cast included Basil Rathbone as the sinister narrator, Marina Svetlova as the seductive princess, and Antonin Dolin as the devil, and most of the other performers who had graced the original presentation in Budapest.  Furthermore, this marked one of the last public appearances of what was probably the greatest composer of the 20th century.

--Hans Lehmann,
from Out of the Cultural Dust-Bin:  Sentimental Musings on the Arts & Music in Seattle From 1936 to 1992