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The Casting of George, Of Mice and Men

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1976 Production Of Mice and Men

I first saw a score of Of Mice and Men in January of 1969 when Glynn Ross, Manager of the Seattle Opera, asked me to meet him and Anton Coppola at the Ansonia Hotel in New York City to look through and sing parts of the score.  “Parts of the score” turned out to be a complete read-through of the role of George.  A few days later Mr. Ross asked me to create that role in the World Premier set for January 1070 in Seattle, Washington, thus making a fairly calm beginning for an event which culminated a year later in the most exciting theatrical experience with which I have ever been associated.

Everyone connected with the show always clustered in the wings to hear and see the final scene between Lennie and George.  The simple compassion and loving kindness which shines from the music Carlisle lavished on Steinbeck’s “mercy killing” arouses a keenly felt response in all who have heard it.”

--Julian Patrick in The Opera Journal, 1971
Debuted role of George in Of Mice and Men